Posted on Apr 27, 2023

Contract Warehousing & Logistics

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I have spent over 6 years on having a program written and developed to suit my industry from scratch. due to a bad experience with the first company, we used, we looked across New Zealand , our home country and were not convinced we could get what we required in both experience and support of redeveloping the original program as a SaaS program. The result was we looked overseas and were recommended to consider Konnect Way. From the onset the experience was professional , helpful, and clearly a step up from our previous with a good feeling of confidence was gained from the beginning. This has continued throughout the ongoing development and support that has had me extending or use of the Konnect Way team into a further development of a website for an online business, and then again expanding this further with the development of that company.

Although we are based on the opposite side of the world the daily communication has been superb. The way the Konnect way team have made themselves available to my NZ based inhouse staff throughout the time we have been working alongside them cannot be questioned. They are experienced senior providers who communicate well ,and we look forward to continuing this relationship into the foreseeable future in both development and program support.

I have no hesitation to recommending Konnect Way.